Sequoia National Park


Where: Sequoia National Park – Central California

When: All year

What: National Park

Cost: $20 per car (valid for 7 days)

Good for: Everyone


We entered Sequoia National Park from the southwest entrance via Three Rivers and passed by this really pretty lake (pictured above), not sure what it is called but it is around the Lemon Cove, CA area. Driving through Three Rivers we took a little pit stop when we saw this little stream (pictured below) to take some pictures.


Some things I would take note of before you set off on a trip to Sequoia:

  1. There is no data or phone coverage in many parts of the park so be prepared for that-possibly keep a paper map or download a map that doesn’t require data
  2. The park can get pretty busy in the summer especially on weekends so they close some of the roads and offer free shuttles instead
  3. It can be very hot in the summer so bring lots of water – there aren’t really any places that sell food or water so be prepared.
    IMG_1855DSC_0238IMG_1840 IMG_1848 IMG_1861

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Where: Carrizo Plain National Monument  – Santa Margarita, CA

When: All year – better in Spring

What: Grassland Plain

Cost: Free

Good for: Everyone

Last weekend a couple friends and I stopped at Carrizo Plain National Monument on our way up to Sequoia National Park. We didn’t have much time so only stopped by Soda Lake to take a couple of pictures. Since California is currently in a drought there wasn’t too much too see everything was pretty dried up so I would suggest visiting in the spring instead if you are looking to see wildflowers.

The day we visited was extremely hot, I think around 100 degrees Fahrenheit so if you are visiting in the dead of summer definitely prepare for the heat. I would also suggest wearing sunglasses when visiting Soda Lake because of how bright the salt was, it was hard to keep my eyes open for too long.

There was also no one in sight so we were able to take as long as we wanted to take photos. It was so quiet you could hear the tumbleweeds rolling by. It was really nice to get out of the city and enjoy nature.


Weekend Activity 2: Fullerton Arborteum

This is the second installment of a series of posts featuring weekend activity ideas to do with friends and family. I’m always looking for activities to do other than just going out to eat so I thought this would be a fun little series.

Where: Fullerton Arboretum – Fullerton, CA

When: All year

What: Arboretum

Cost: Suggested $5 donation

Good for: Everyone

IMG_2604The Fullerton Arboretum is located on the edge of Cal State Fullerton’s campus. It is a gorgeous place to escape and take a short stroll or have a picnic and enjoy some nature. There are several gardens within the arboretum separated by different types of plants (desert, Mediterranean, exotic fruits, etc). I would definitely recommend visiting in the early morning or in spring or fall because it can get quite hot in the summer. Overall it is a fun place to explore for a couple of hours with friends and family.


Weekend Activity 1: Strawberry Tour

This is the first post of a series featuring weekend activity ideas to do with friends and family. I’m always looking for activities to do other than just going out to eat so I thought this would be a fun little series.


Where: Tanaka Farms – Irvine, CA

When: July 12th (end of season)

What: Strawberry tour

Good for: Everyone


This past weekend I decided to head to Tanaka Farms for a little strawberry picking. The tours happen every hour starting from 10am to 2pm. I attended the 11am one and there weren’t too many people on the tour maybe around 15-20 people. The tour consisted of a wagon ride around the farm where they take you around and explain what is planted and give out samples of the produce that is in season. During the tour, we got a chance to taste their sweet-corn, carrots, green beans, cilantro, and tomato. My favorite was the sweet-corn, it was delicious. The last stop of the tour was the main event of strawberry picking. They give you about 15 minutes to eat and pick as much strawberries as you want to fill a little box with to take home.

All in all it was a fun activity that I would definitely recommend to everyone especially for families with small children.

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